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Please be sure to fully review our funding Initiatives and Grant Application Materials, found in the Documents section at the bottom of this page, before applying for a grant.

Currently we are only recieving Thriving Woman - Alaska applications. Due October 11

Upcoming Spring and Fall 2020 - Dates to be announced           
Seventh Generation Fund is an Indigenous identity-based organization dedicated to the self-determination of Native Peoples and the sovereignty of our distinct Nations that mobilizes financial, technical, and informational resources directly to Native communities to empower action.
Types of Grants
Grant awards range from $250 to $50,000. An organization may apply for a single large grant per year, with the possibility of additional Traveling Song Initiative or Mini Grants.

Up to $500:
•  Submit a grant Cover Sheet and a one to two page letter of request detailing your project, explaining how funds will be used and a budget. Requests accepted on an ongoing basis.

Up to $5,000:
Traveling Song supports travel for Indigenous Peoples’ participation in regional, national and international meetings, advocacy, skills building and decision making opportunities. (application form found at bottom of this page)
Up to $10,000:
•  Land Defenders and Water Protectors
•  Community Empowerment and Cultural Vitality

Up to $30,000:
•  Thriving Women
United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands
Up to $50,000:
•  Thriving Women -



The Seventh Generation Fund does not support: Individuals, Non-Native organizations, religious missionizing efforts, purchase of vehicles, heavy equipment, capital campaigns, or scholarship funds.      
Send your complete proposal package to:
Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples
Attn: Proposal Review Committee
PO Box 4569
Arcata, CA 95518 USA

Or by email to:  (Indicate Proposal in the subject line)
PLEASE NOTE: Expect approximately 12 weeks from the grant due date for the results of the proposal review to be announced. Please select an appropriate deadline date that will allow for enough time if your project is selected.  

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