Be A Good Ancestor

Warm greetings to all our Relatives and Friends!

We at the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples are most grateful for your support. On our 40th Anniversary, we invite you to join the celebration by making a donation to support Indigenous Peoples' rights!

Every morning we wake up to news of yet another assault on our Peoples and on Mother Earth. For 525 years, we have remained resilient and have fought to protect our Peoples, our feathered and four legged relatives, and our homelands.

For the last 40 years, the Seventh Generation Fund, one of the oldest Native philanthropic organizations, has provided access to resources, technical assistance, and training to hundreds of Native led organization across the Americas. Last year alone we gave close to $1.4 million in grants to 126 organizations! Here are some examples of the work we supported recently:

Ancestral Guard - The Keehl 'Oohl 'We-'yoch project empowers youth with the understanding, protocols, beliefs, world views, values, and ancestral knowledge of redwood dugout canoe making. Youth are currently making a canoe that will become a living part of ceremonial practices.

Changing Woman Initiative, a Pueblo and Dine based organization in Santa Fe, New Mexico working in rural communities, operates to renew cultural birth knowledge to empower Indigenous sovereignty of women's medicine and teachings.

Tatanka Wakpala, Seventh Generation Fund Affiliate Project, serves as an example of a self-sustaining, environmentally-responsible tiyospaye dedicated to preserving the resources of Unci Maka while reclaiming traditional ways of life. They are currently constructing the Tiospaye Center, a geodesic dome structure to house Lakota language workshops, traditional skill building, cultural events, and community-building retreats.

We understand that change does not happen overnight. It is a slow deliberate process. For 40 years now, we have been dedicated to Indigenous Peoples' self-determination and the sovereignty of Native nations. 

Please join us in standing up to 525 years of injustice against the original peoples of the Americas. Your generous support today, will allow us to continue helping communities Warrior Up for decades to come!

Be A Good Ancestor! Donate now online, or mail your donation to Seventh Generation Fund, PO Box 4569, Arcata, California 95518.


Celebrate 40 years of respect, reciprocity, and resilience.

In 2017, we are celebrating 40 incredible years! Today, we have the same sustained passion we started with 40 years ago in 1977. Throughout this journey, Seventh Generation Fund has benefited from the longevity of many remarkable leaders. Such leaders include Christopher Peters, SGF President, who is embarking on 28 years of service with our organization. Much like our President, every SGF Board Member is guided by passion to serve their communities and carry on the resilience of their ancestors. Our leadership is dedicated to mentoring knowledge, strength, and cultural endurance.

We are determined to revitalize our culture, protect our Peoples, and defend our homelands. Your donation is needed. Help us continue this work into another 40 years.

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