Be A Good Ancestor

We need your support now. Each year, your contribution sustains our programs, making the determination of our ancestors a reality today. This inspires our youth in purpose and survival. We need your support.

Be a good ancestor.

The frontlines are everywhere. November marked Native American Heritage Month; however, we continue to withstand assaults on our lands, cultures, and Peoples. Our frontlines are maintaining our cultures, saving our youth from suicide, and defending the sacredness of women and girls. Right now, we have protectors in Standing Rock saving our waters, the land, and sacred sites. The pollution and killing of our waters is in tandem with the desecration of Mother Earth, yet we are criminalized for protecting these most viable sources of life. Even as those likely to be first impacted by climate change, Indigenous Peoples have few resources to respond to crisis.

Yet, Seventh Generation Fund celebrates heritage every moment of the year. This is the spirit of our communities – from canoe carving to sacred site protection – we persist to live our cultures. Respecting the rights of Mother Earth remains at the forefront of our work. As such, we have a fund to directly support Standing Rock. We work to empower communities on-the-ground. Every day this is possible because of your support. Please join us, donate now.

Donating is easy, secure and tax-deductible: You can also support our work by leaving a legacy in your will or trust to the Seventh Generation Fund.


Celebrate 40 years of respect, reciprocity, and resilience.

In 2017, we are celebrating 40 incredible years! Today, we have the same sustained passion we started with 40 years ago in 1977. Throughout this journey, Seventh Generation Fund has benefited from the longevity of many remarkable leaders. Such leaders include Christopher Peters, SGF President, who is embarking on 28 years of service with our organization. Much like our President, every SGF Board Member is guided by passion to serve their communities and carry on the resilience of their ancestors. Our leadership is dedicated to mentoring knowledge, strength, and cultural endurance.

We are determined to revitalize our culture, protect our peoples, and defend our homelands. Your donation is needed. Help us continue this work into our 40th year and the many more to come.

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