Carla Cheney

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Carla Cheney is a transnational woman who speaks several languages and comes from a multi-ethnic background. She was born in Cologne Germany where she was raised by her Peruvian mother. She has always been surrounded by strong women from all over the world which has fueled her passion for learning.  She immigrated to the United States as a child and has lived in diverse places throughout her life. She has always had an interest in being of service to others and to break down barriers imposed on the oppressed.
Carla has earned two Master of Arts degrees (MA). One of which was obtained in Germany at the University of Munster and the other from Humboldt State University.  Her first MA being in National and Transnational Studies: Literature, Culture, and Language, which focused on the impact of colonization, strategies of decolonization, International politics, and language. Her second MA is in Social Work with an emphasis on Indigenous communities. After spending two and a half years working for three distinct Tribes in crisis management and the Indian Child Welfare Act, Carla joined the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples' team. She is excited to be a part of preserving Indigenous lifeways and the protection of mother earth.

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