Carlrey Arroyo

Program Coordinator, Land Defender - Water Protector

Carlrey Arroyo began in 2017 as a special projects intern later transitioning to Advancement Assistant and is now a Program Coordinator focusing on our Land Defenders and Water Protectors program. Carlrey recognizes and honors that water protection, land defense, seed collection, language practice, cultural bearing, and art creation are some of the ways to bring healing to Mother Earth and to our communities. 
Carlrey was the first in their immediate family to attend a university where they received their B.A. in Environmental Studies with minors in Economics and Philosophy of Ethics and Values. Their undergrad work focused on analyzing power and privilege dynamics in mainstream environmental fields. Through an environmental justice lens they studied how power and privilege through colonization has led to environmental racism and exploitation of Mother Earth. Carlrey is also a local community organizer, musician, and gardener.

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