Chelsea Miraflor Trillo

Program Coordinator, Thriving Women
Chelsea Miraflor Trillo, MSW, believes in the power of collaborative, community-led work. She has always been drawn to imagining social transformation, raising (individual and collective) critical consciousness, and alleviating gendered violence. Her graduate work centralized decolonizing social work practices, with an emphasis on Indigenous epistemologies and addressing the dual-prominence of global violence against Indigenous Women and Girls, and that of Mother Earth. 
Such an emphasis continues in her work at Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, where Chelsea's primary organizational role is to nurture and advance the Thriving Women's Initiative, a program that illustrates the radical, unprecedented work that happens at the hands of Native Women. She is honored to work at an organization that offers hope in a good way and fosters a better world, led by self-determination, relationality, and Indigeneity.

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