Chelsea Miraflor Trillo

Program Associate

Chelsea Miraflor Trillo, MSW, believes in the power of collaborative work that is hearts-, strengths- and solutions-based. She has always been drawn to imagining social transformation and engaging in community-led work, with the hope of raising (individual and collective) critical consciousness and alleviating violence. Her undergraduate studies concentrated on the prison industrial complex and similar areas of research pertaining to state-sanctioned violence against people of color and the commodification of their labor, criminalization, and bodies. Her graduate work centralized decolonizing social work practices, with an emphasis on Indigenous epistemologies and the dual-prominence of global violence against Indigenous Women and Girls, and that of Mother Earth.


At Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, Chelsea's primary organizational role is to nurture and advance the Thriving Women's Initiative, while assist with other program-related work. She continues her personal and professional education focusing on re-Indigenization, a concept introduced to her by Chris and Tia in her early engagement with the organization. This has meant critically reapproaching her relationships — to community, elders, healing, land, water, etc. — and growing in her relational understanding of the world and Indigeneity.

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