Marva Sii~xuutesna Jones

Tolowa Dee-ni’/Yurok/Karuk/Wintu
Affiliate Program Officer

Dii hii-xuu-shi Sii~xuutesna nii-li~, Sii~xuutesna is an enrolled Dee-ni' (Tolowa) citizen, Yurok, Karuk and Wintu of Northern California and fortunately comes from the villages of Nii~-lii~-chvn-dvn and Mvn'-sray-me' along the Smith River and the villages of Wausek and Weitspus along the Klamath River. Sii~xuutesna comes with a myriad of professional practices, experience and tribal community-building expertise. Sii~xuutesna attended Humboldt State University with an emphasis in Political Science and Native American Studies.

Sii~xuutesna continues active participation and strategizing in ensuring language survival and maintenance, and strong traditional/cultural mores, and is driven by traditional core values and worldview as a local Native. She believes that strong partnerships and allies are key in providing insight and experience to support Native community healing and growth. Cultural and language curricula development, grassroots initiatives, dispute resolution, codification, teacher program development, learner and teacher standards and policy development, master-apprenticeship programming, community outreach and engagements, validation of importance of our humanity and natural world.

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