Program Pathways

Seventh Generation Fund supports Native communities whose goals and objectives closely match one of our program pathways. Learn more about our granting in the Grant-making Guidelines section.

Art & Creativity

Enhancing tribal identity and cultural vitality through individual and collective creative expression and practices.

Health & Well-being

Achieving physical, mental, and spiritual wellness through traditional healing practices, cultural engagement, and food security. 

Leadership Development 

Strengthening Native leadership strategies by building the skills and knowledge systems that fortify organizational and community-centered work. 

Rights of Mother Earth

Protecting Earth’s natural systems and ability to nurture and sustain life by supporting Native stewardship practices and traditional ecological knowledge.

Sustainable Communities & Economies

Developing culturally-relevant and ecologically-sustainable Native community assets.

Peace, Equity & Justice 

Securing harmony and parity for and within Native communities and nations and the right of self-determination.

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