Raven Marshall

Sicangu (Burnt Thigh), Lakota, and Ihanktonwan (End Dwellers) Nakota/Dakota
Creative Associate

I am Sicangu (Burnt Thigh), Lakota, and Ihanktonwan (End Dwellers) Nakota/Dakota. I am going to school for Journalism & Media, as well as Native American Studies. I am very proud to be the third generation of women in my family to have worked for Seventh Generation Fund, following my mother Rain, and my grandmother Edith. I believe in the work that we do to support Indigenous Peoples' movements to strengthen their communities. I appreciate the opportunity and the value that this organization places on the personal growth and development of Indigenous Identity, the process of re-Indigenizing. I wish to spend my lifes’ work on helping Indigenous Peoples recognize and assert their sovereignty and to heal the historical wounds of inter-generational trauma inflicted since colonization. Mitakuye Oya’sin - We are all related.

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