Rights of Mother Earth - Montana

Protecting the Earth’s natural systems and ability to nurture and sustain life by supporting Native stewardship practices, traditional ecological knowledge, and frontline defense.

The Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples (SGF) is a Native identity based grantmaking, capacity building, leadership development and advocacy organization whose mission is, Promoting Indigenous Peoples’ self-determination and the sovereignty of Native nations. SGF invites grant applications from community based organizations for support of Native-designed and led projects addressing critical environmental challenges of climate change, natural resources protection, and to stop ecosystem degradation caused by extractive industries under SGF’s Rights of Mother Earth–Montana. Grant range from $4,000 to $5,000 for a one-year award per calendar year.

2018-19 Request for Proposals (RFP)
DEADLINE in office: To be announced soon.
ELIGIBILITY: A project must demonstrate the following:

• Emerges from a Native community.  Its purpose, design and implementation strategy originates from the Indigenous peoples it serves.
• Engenders leadership and decision-making that are vested directly in the community that will be impacted.
• Promotes the Native language, ancestral knowledge, and cultural lifeways of the community.
• Builds capacity that impacts the largest number of people and broadest segments of their society including Indigenous women and youth leadership.
• Upholds equality.  Does not perpetuate racism, sexism, nor oppression of humanity or violates the Rights of Mother Earth.

CRITERIA FOR REVIEW: Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated in accordance to the above threshold eligibility requirements and the following:

1. Non-profit Organization with 501(3)(c) tax-exemption status. Community-based projects that do not have non-profit status are welcome to contact SGF regarding Affiliate Program /Fiscal Administration.

2. Engagement, Leadership & Decision-making – A minimum of 80% Indigenous Board of Directors and an Indigenous Executive Director. Only projects and initiatives that emerge directly from the community and are led by the Indigenous Peoples impacted by the project will be considered.

3. Location – Project is located and its program activities / services in the state of Montana.

4. Organization's background and ability to produce, implement, and execute the program/project.

5. Measurable Impact – Proposals will be accessed for the quality and quantity of impact data.

6. Project Budget – Itemized project budget and budget narrative are realistic and complete.

7. In good standing with Seventh Generation Fund (with no outstanding reports or deliverables due).

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Provide a concise application in six (6) pages or less with the following:

1. Project Abstract - Include a summary of the project description and the project objectives.
      A. What are the major elements of the project? Who/what community are you serving?
      B. What do you hope to achieve? What are the expected outcomes?

2. Organizational Background - Description of Organization.
Provide a brief history of the establishment, development, and accomplishments of the organization.
Past Performance: If the organization has received past funding from SGF, please list all the years in which you received funding, the amount(s) received, and the outcomes of the project(s).

3. Project Implementation - Overview of the proposed project.
Provide a detailed description of the project, including program activities, the overall goal of the project, and how it will address one or more of the objectives of the Rights of Mother Earth – Montana Initiative (listed on page 1).

4. Project Timelines, Benefits & Outcomes - Describe your proposed timeframes and how you will measure project outcomes.

5. Project Budget - Provide a line-item budget with attached budget narrative description of costs associated with the project deliverables.

6. Copy of 501c3 or fiscal management letter and copy of that tax exempt status certification.


• Who/Where - Who comprises the project? Share pertinent information about your project’s Native community/Nation.
• Why - Describe the issues and critical concerns currently facing your community.
• How - Describe how your project emerges from the community and how it will address the issues facing your community. Include how community members are involved in the project’s design, activities, implementation, and decision-making.
• What - What will the funds be used for? What are your short-term and long-term goals?
• When - Include a timeline of proposed work and objectives. This provides a clear and realistic picture of how your project will achieve its goals.
AWARDS MAY NOT BE USED FOR: Individuals, Non-Native organizations, Religious/Christian missionizing efforts, Purchasing vehicles or heavy equipment, Capital campaigns, or Educational Scholarships.

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