Tineke Iris

Fiscal Manager

Tineke Iris who is of Dutch and Germanic descent, was born on Duwamish lands on the Puget Sound and raised on Guarani territories in Brazil. She has had the privilege to live in Quechua country in Peru, Borari land in Brazil, Darkinjung land in Australia and has been a guest on Indigenous Peoples' lands across the globe. She currently lives on Wiyot land in Arcata and joined the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples in early 2018.

With a background in administrative assistance for organizations on several continents, including experience setting up a non-profit project in an effort to fight the pollution brought on by global industrialization in the Brazilian Amazon, Tineke has over 15 years of experience in collaborating with social groups and diverse organizations for the protection of the environment. She is passionate about social justice and teaching her two children how to be stewards of the Earth. Tineke believes in the potential for collective healing, preservation of the biosphere for future generations of all species, and supporting sovereignty of Indigenous nations. She enjoys spending time whenever possible alongside bodies of water and walking in woodlands.

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