Affiliate Program

Affiliates are Native communities or organizations who come “in-house” with SGF usually because they are emerging programs (less than five years old) or projects that do not yet have the staff or capacity to run as solo 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Being an Affiliate allows a group to direct its efforts towards accomplishing its goals and objectives while SGF assists with administration, technical training, fiscal management, program oversight and organizational development. SGF’s assistance allows Affiliates to fully participate in community-based organizing efforts and direct action campaigns.

Our Affiliates cover a wide array of Indigenous communities, tribal groups and bioregions. They begin their affiliate relationship with Seventh Generation Fund at different points of entry. Some groups become Affiliates for just a short duration in order to become established or to accomplish a particular program or project. In these instances, an Affiliate may only need our organizational expertise for fiscal management and program development, implementation and support. For example, we might offer training in setting up by-laws or establishing a Board of Directors.

Other projects remain affiliated with SGF on a long-term basis – some have been with us for over a decade. Generally, the core goal of the SGF Affiliate Program is to build the capacity and knowledge base of the programs and projects we support so that they can “spin off” in a few years and become independent of SGF’s oversight and fiscal management. When this happens, there is no longer a fiduciary relationship or any management by SGF of grant funding or donations.

It is important to note that, in some instances, SGF is not the source of funding for an Affiliate. Some Affiliates obtain grants from other sources and SGF helps with financial management & administrative services, technical & technological training, site visits and other types of assistance.

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