Eagle Feather Notes

Eagle Feather Notes Blog is the official blog of Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples.

    We are honored to introduce you to our latest reimagined creation: Eagle Feather Notes Blog (EFN) This vision formed a long time ago, has now come to life. The thinking for the blog is to bring you first hand experiences of the community partners we support and the work we do, as well as to offer stories of resistance, empowerment, and hope -- all happening within the Indigenous World. This process is a way to tell our story as the oldest Indigenous-created and led philanthropic organization with over 42 years as an organization. We have many stories to tell.




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There are four main categories for our blog, in which we use to tell our stories:


Affiliate Spotlight

Highlighting a Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples (SGF) Affiliate each

month, in order to share their grassroots work as well as to encourage our readers

knowledge and support of Affiliate efforts in the field.


Voices from the Front Lines

Amplifying the messages direct from the field through different frontline actions.  


Seventh Generation Fund’s Position Statements & Announcements

Sharing our perspectives on leading edge issues and announcing updates from within the organization, and including events and actions being held by us or our affiliates.


Stories of Resistance – ReIndigenization

Illuminating on past and present stories of resistance and empowerment from different facets of the Indigenous World. These stories emanate from SGF Affiliates and also from grantee and community partners, SGF staff, and community members working toward protecting our Indigenous lifeways.


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