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    We are honored to introduce you to our latest reimagined creation: Eagle Feather Notes Blog (EFN) This vision formed a long time ago, has now come to life.

The Warrior Up Blanket

A collaborative art piece between Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples and Eighth Generation, the Warrior Up blanket highlights the mighty yellowhammer flicker, a powerful medicine being that links Earth and Sky with each new day. The flicker is black and yellow and carries lessons of knowledge and new beginnings. The bird is centered above seven descending horizontal lines representing seven generations. The outer edges are bordered with two Yurok basket designs, the swallowtail and butterfly.

Tradition Bearers for Bio-cultural Diversity Fellowship

Native American / First Nations individuals who are grounded culturally and in community are the focus of this Fellowship. They seldom have the financial resources and time for deeper contemplation in their own culture or the chance to engage and explore new skills and empower their leadership. The Tradition Bearers for Bio-cultural Diversity Fellowship provides support for individual Indigenous leaders to focus on, reflect, and contemplate the trajectory of their work in stewardship for biological diversity and cultural identity. Awards of $10,000 each to two applicants.

Land Defenders and Water Protectors

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples’ Land Defenders and Water Protectors supports Native led actions against incursions, unwanted development, and extractive industries as well as threats to sacred sites in Indigenous communities, lands and territories. Land Defenders and Water Protectors grants will be available for Indigenous Peoples’ community based organizations doing community education, frontline advocacy and peaceful direct actions responding to the desecration of Mother Earth.   

Building Power and Optimizing Impact

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples invites emerging Native community based organizations located on (or adjacent to and serving) the reservation communities in: Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and/or South Dakota to apply for $12,500 of support under the Building Power and Optimizing Impact. Seventh Generation Fund Affiliate Projects may apply for $5,00 in grant support.

Thriving Women

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples requests proposals for Thriving Women: projects that nurture and support the safety, health and vitality of Indigenous women, girls and families. Applications should include work related to any or all of the following areas: Birthkeeping, Motherhood, and Kinship

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  • How to Apply

    Learn how to apply for a grant from SGF by reviewing the handout we created of Grant Making Guidelines as well as Selection Criteria, and download the grant application.

  • Affiliate Program

    Affiliates are organizations who come “in-house” into our organization usually because they are emerging programs (less than five years old) or do not yet have the staff or capacity to run as solo 501(c)(

  • Events, Convenings & Technical Assistance

    Through the years, one of our most appropriate roles has developed into that of “convener”.

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