Hello Friends!

Thank you for joining us in May on Costanoan Rumsen Ohlone lands for the Keeping the Homefires Burning (KHB) gathering with this year’s theme, Walking in the Prayers of Our Ancestors: Land, Water, Language, Life! As Affiliates, projects, and community partners, you are a part of the Seventh Generation Fund legacy and the Indigenous Peoples’ movement that was put into motion long before our organization existed.

This event brought over 325 people together from throughout the Indigenous World — with six continents and 17 countries represented. Collectively, we cultivated and nurtured this gathering with love, gratitude, reciprocity, and song. We had a s’mores extravaganza most nights, legendary talks in the main hall, firekeepers were honored with a giveaway and song, too much good food was consumed and the fire was lit through the duration of our event. It was our first in-person gathering since the pandemic started, and we have so many stories to share. Three days went by quickly, but we are grateful for all we were able to experience with you in that brief time.

We will be sharing more videos and pictures from KHB on our website in the coming months, so please stay tuned!

Your simple presence at this event helps break the isolation often felt in our communities. Seventh Generation Fund would like to thank each and every one of you for your participation and love for the community. We plan to host another KHB in 2025, marking our 49th year of working for and supporting Indigenous Sovereignty!

Thank you all for being present at KHB 2023. You made this all possible and we are grateful for your friendship, partnership and commitment to community-based Indigenous Sovereignty.


Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples