A Call to Conscience and Consciousness:

Seventh Generation Fund Stands in Solidarity with the Palestinian People

November 15, 2023

Dear Relatives,

The Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples is a Native non-governmental organization committed to Decolonization, Self-determination, and Re-Indigenization. We stand unwavering for Indigenous Peoples’ rights and against settler-colonialism and send this letter to the world as a Call to Conscience and Consciousness for an immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire in Gaza.

We join those around the globe who were horrified by the recent killings and the taking of civilian hostages on October 7. Just as we condemn that violence, the Seventh Generation Fund stands in solidarity with the Palestinian People and calls out against the genocide being perpetrated against them. There can be no other term than that for what is taking place.

Indigenous Peoples, communities, and nations throughout the world have been forced to the very edge of survival and to the crevices of existence by brutality and oppression. Whether in North America or South America; Africa, the Pacific, or the Middle East, our homelands are blood-soaked and our children are crying. Indigenous Peoples have been massacred, made vulnerable, starved, and impoverished while subjugated under constant warfare and ongoing colonial terror.

We define Re-Indigenization as the dynamic process of recovering traditional relationships to Land, Water, Community, Culture, and Spirit for self-determination, collective liberation, and to restore balance. Only a full shift to this life-affirming paradigm and a humanitarian ceasefire can begin to offer any hope for the thousands who are targeted and perishing at this moment under burning skies.

This is a matter of self-determination. A halt to state aggression in Gaza is the only course of action for justice when many thousands of unarmed civilians, primarily innocent children, women, elders, and the disabled, are killed every day. This abuse must end now. The current and future generations have a sacred birthright to live in safety, and to have long happy and full lives free of persecution and fear.

With respect,

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples